The Noise Voice-Maker

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Change your voice into a strange message and set it as a ringtone on your mobile.

That is "Noise voice maker"!!

A 'noisy voice' is a synthetic voice created by special speech technology.

When you listen to this noisy voice, like a rustling sound,for the first time you will not be able to understand what it means.

After a while, however, after a moment, it will occur to you, "Ah, it's talking!".

Moreover, if you knew this in advance, almost everyone should be able to recognize that, "It's true! It's talking!".

Once you understand the meaning of the 'noisy voice', that's the only way you may be to recognise it.

After you set it as your ringtone, nobody else will be to understand your ringtone message.

For example, if you record your voice as "Call from Mr. A." or "You've got a mail from Mrs. B."

You will know who is calling or mailing you immediately but no one else will be able to recognise it. All they will hear is a rustling sound.

Let's make the secret voice ringtone only you can understand!


●A. Please press "Rec" and say something into a microphone to create your strange ringtone.

●B. Please press "Stop". If it is successful recording of your voice, you can confirm your voice by pressing "Play".

●C. Please press "Next", if you think it is ok.

●D. The level of your 'noisy voice' (3 [ difficult ] -> 0 [ easy ]) can be chosen.

Please press 'Convert' according to your favorite level.

The conversion would take about 5 seconds depending on your mobile phone.

●E. Please press 'Ringtone' and choose the file you have just created.

The file name will be 'nzmkMMDD-n'.

●F. When you wish to assign a specific ringtone to a specific person, Please do it separately from your phone directory.